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What Are Penny Stocks, And Why Should You Care?

If you haven’t heard of penny stocks, maybe you should stop and read this. Penny stocks, as odd as it may seem, are responsible for the vast majority of stock trading in the US each day, accounting for over three-fifths of the NASDAQ stocks traded and over three-quarters of the stocks traded on the NYSE.

A Guide to Day Trading Schools

Day trading is a very exciting career. It promises quick cash and the opportunity to get out of your office. But don’t just jump right into it. Day trading is very complex system that is full of different theories and practices. If you start trading too soon you will more then likely lose a lot of money in the stock trade.

The Art Of Good Penny Stocks

Is the idea of good penny stocks more myth than reality? Are the words “good” and “penny stocks” a contradiction in terms? The reality is that penny stocks are what they are, and the good or bad applied to them depends on who was on the winning and losing end of the trade.