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Penny Stock World

by inju Penny Stock World Article by Penny Stock Picks Penny stock basics Penny stocks are those targets for speculators to play with.There is no rigid rule that tells us when a stock changes from being regular to penny. It is common to call those trade below $ a penny. We in Pennystock4me consider it […]

Forex Day Trading System Explained

The first explanation of Forex Day Trading System is that it doesn’t trade stocks or futures. Forex Day Trading System trades in global currencies, usually in pairs and generally with the most widely recognized currencies.

What Are Penny Stocks and Should I be Trading Penny Stocks?

In the world of financial services there are lots of shades of gray, actually green. Some items are clear and have a simple definition, while others defy being pigeon holed. Penny stocks are one of those very concepts. There is no accepted, official designation for the term “penny stocks” and which are and which are […]

How Does the Stock Market Work?

Understanding the stock market can be pretty daunting for a beginner. But to understand it’s workings you must try and understand the mechanics behind the stock market. So how does the stock market work?