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Amazon: Build apps for our Kindle Fire line and get better exposure

A tablet can’t be considered a success without great apps, which is why Amazon has opted to push Android’s app store the Google Play Store aside. In its place, Amazon created it’s very own market place for apps called the Amazon Appstore. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

224-year-old general store shuts down in Rhode Island

Gray Store, the oldest general store in a small U.S.’ village of Adamsville in Rhode Island, was shut down on Monday after serving the local community for 224 years. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

JC Penney store sales plunge nearly 20 percent

Linda Young – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer New York, NY, United States (4E) – J.C. Penney’s stock shares tumbled in price Wednesday after the company announced sales had dropped by 18.9 percent and that it was eliminating its dividend to fund the company’s ongoing makeover. Suspending the dividend of 20 cents per share will give […]

Consumer Reports rates best, worst supermarkets

Diane Alter – AHN News Reporter Washington, D.C., United States (AHN) – Supermarkets–love ’em or hate ’em, we all gotta use them. Consumer Reports magazine’s latest report just might make your next grocery trip a bit more enjoyable. The consumer watchdog site recently released rankings of the best and worst supermarkets across the country. It […]

Court rules for Motorola and makes Apple pull iPads and iPhones in Germany

A court ruling favoring Motorola Mobility has forced Apple to pull several of its iPad and iPhone models from its German online store. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Bargain hunters lift UK retailers

Heavy discounting and mild weather help high streets and out-of-town retail parks enjoy a 21.5% rise in store footfall compared with last year View full post on UK Business Stories

Target in grocery deal with Sobeys

U.S. retailer Target laid down more groundwork Friday for its entry into Canada in 2013 with additional store locations and a supply deal with Sobeys. View full post on Canada Business Stories

MGM Resorts: Kardashians will open store at Mirage despite delays

In June 2010, the Kardashian family rolled into Las Vegas, like most weekends, but this time it was for a news conference to announce the opening of a store here. The long-awaited store will become a reality, despite delays. View full post on Business Stories

International expansion boosts Tesco’s potential

WITH the first store having opened in 1929, Tesco is one of the oldest food retailers in the UK. View full post on Business Stories

Wedding and weather give Next a boost

SHOPPERS buying summer clothing during the hot Easter weather helped fashion retailer Next rack up forecast-busting sales – although the store warned that trading would stay tough. View full post on Business Stories