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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promises better mobile strategy

Nathan Andrada – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he was disappointed by the performance of the company’s stock that has disappointed many of their investors, but he vowed to improve results with […]

Hewlett-Packard's new CEO emphasizes "cloud" strategy, tech company hikes dividend

SAN FRANCISCO – Hewlett-Packard Co. said Monday it plans to raise its dividend for the first time in over a decade and one day soon sell “cloud computing” services to the public. View full post on Business Stories

Business demands growth push in Budget

Business is piling pressure on the UK coalition to deliver a convincing growth strategy in George Osborne’s financial statement in March as fears increase that the recovery may be losing momentum View full post on UK Business Stories

Stock Investing – How the Stock Market Works

Stock investing isn’t easy but don’t think it’s off-limits to average people. This article author has helped thousands of folks reach their financial dreams by providing a little bit of insight into Wall Street. To help you get started on the way to financial freedom, read this article to get a general idea of how the stock market works and how to wisely invest your money.

Penny Stock Investing And Trading

In the financial market of U.S., penny stock are common stocks that have low per share price. The trading process of penny stocks includes share prices for less than $5. Penny stock stakes the provisional security of small companies regardless of market capitalization or its trading process such as it trades on over the counter listing service: Pink Sheets or OTCBB or on a securitized exchange like NASDAQ or NYSE.

British PM launches growth and jobs strategy

LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron, fresh from unleashing the biggest public spending cuts in decades, vowed on Monday to help deliver private sector jobs and growth in a key speech to business chiefs. View full post on Business Stories

Why is Understanding the Stock Market So Hard?

First on the list of recommended preparatory tasks is to obtain a book which covers the Dow theory. This isn’t lightweight reading, but will surely serve to make you a smarter investor. Just as history repeats itself, stock market trends do too.

Scalping Day Trading

There are three distinct day trading methods that can be implemented in trading futures: 1) You can “scalp” the markets in an attempt to capture very small, quick profits. 2) You can trade market “swings” that last one, two or several days and attempt to profit from moves of a larger nature. 3) You can trade from a long term perspective, trying to secure profits from large movements in price over an extended period of time, which could be weeks or months in length.

Timed Trading: A Penny Stocks Trading Strategy

Penny stocks trading can be a profitable endeavor if done with discipline and a little bit of sound decision-making. In this article, you will learn of a long-term strategy to maximize your gains from day-to-day penny stock trading by using the element of timing and sound judgment. You can make modest gains on a day-to-day […]

Timing the Stock Market

Most individuals will lose money, over time, buying and selling stocks. A fundamental mistake most people make is the notion that the stock market will continually rise. Technically it will, but there are time restraints for most people in the simple fact that none of us live indefinitely and depending on when the stock market goes through one of its corrections can negatively impact our portfolio.