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Merger of Australia, Singapore Stock Exchanges Planned

Lawrence Mijares – AHN News Contributor Sydney, Australia (AHN) – Singapore’s stock exchange is poised to take over its counterpart, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), forming a US$13.8 billion alliance, through a US$6 billion bid by Singapore to be announced Monday, according to media reports. Commenting on the reported merger, a spokesman for the Australian […]

Is Forex Day Trading For You?

Day trading in the forex market may sound fun and exciting, but is day trading really the way to make money? Forex day trading can be profitable, partly because the forex “day” is longer than the stock market day. Forex has been described as a twenty-four hour market.

Best Times to Trade Forex – Are You Profiting From the Best Time to Trade Forex When Day Trading?

My experience is that the best times to trade forex are during the UK and US overlapping times and the rest of the US session under normal trading conditions. Furthermore, high volatility times (ie economic data releases) should be avoided, unless you have a specific system that caters for these conditions (there are however, systems available for these conditions). Late trades on a Friday afternoon are also best avoided!