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China Unveils Supercomputer Based on Its Own Chips

The Sunway system, which can perform about 1,000 trillion calculations per second – a petaflop – will probably rank among the 20 fastest computers in the world. View full post on Business Stories

EU pushes banks to find extra €106bn by June

Europe’s banks will be pushed to find about €106bn as part of a scheme to bolster defences of the banking system View full post on UK Business Stories

Telus to Invest in Ottawa

Telus Corporation will invest $4.5 million in Ottawa to support enhance company’s networking system in the capital city. View full post on Business Stories

Japan injects more funds to calm chaos

Japan has pumped more emergency funds into its buckling financial system after the safe-haven yen hit a record high and shares slid. View full post on Finance Stories

Fiat chief confident of Mirafiori vote

Sergio Marchionne has expressed confidence that he would succeed in pushing through changes to Fiat’s car production system in Italy View full post on UK Business Stories

Currency wars are necessary if all else fails

The overwhelming fact of the global currency system is that America needs a much weaker dollar to bring its economy back into kilter and avoid slow ruin, yet the rest of the world cannot easily handle the consequences of such a wrenching adjustment. There is not enough demand to go around. View full post on […]

The Penny Stock Trading System downloadable Software

Ram Used: 0 Resolutions: Palm Hi-Res (320×320), Palm Standard (160×160) Product DescriptionIf you are ready to learn proven strategies that work when it comes to penny stock investing, then The Penny Stock Trading System is a “must have.” Written for the novice but a powerful enough guide for the experienced investor, The Penny Stock Trading […]

Day Trading Robot Review and Experiment

I recently recommended that a friend of mine, my brother in law, who has never touched the stock market in his life give Day Trading Robot a try. For those unaware, this is a stock picking system which scours the market looking for the makings of profitable trends in different stocks and advises you to trade accordingly. You may be surprised by the results of our little experiment/Day Trading Robot review.

Day Trading Robot Scam? – The Truth Behind This Controversial System

Stock picking software has been controversial ever since it first came onto the trading scene years ago. It’s easy to cast it off, because the idea of a robot running over numbers to deliver winning stock picks sounded too crazy, or maybe just too easy, something which people are always wary or skeptical of. Well, stock trading systems have come a ways since then, and I knew this when I sat down and finally tested Day Trading Robot after hearing all of the hype for so long. Did I side with the Day Trading Robot scam accusations or has it now made me a very rich man, this article will divulge the truth.

Forex Day Trading System Explained

The first explanation of Forex Day Trading System is that it doesn’t trade stocks or futures. Forex Day Trading System trades in global currencies, usually in pairs and generally with the most widely recognized currencies.