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Easy Way to Gain Big Profit-day Trading

Let’s look at the facts and why >Day Trading Penny Stocks does not work and will see you lose your cash. 1.The Odds are not on your side Normally day trading relies on trying to predict what will happen in a day session. How can you do this? You can’t. No one can predict what […]

Forex Day Trading – The Truth About Day Trading and Scalping Systems

When you see a forex day trader who claims to have made money longer term check the small print and look at the disclaimer. You will normally see one like the one we have printed below, or a very similar one which, just means the track record has been made up and the system has never been traded – here it is…

Forex Day Trading – The Profit Illusion That Sees Traders Lose

Forex day trading simply doesn’t work and you will never find a trader with a track record of real time profits, however more novice traders try this method than any other type of trading. This is despite the fact it will never work, because you can’t get the odds in your favor. If you are considering day trading then you should read this article.