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World’s tallest communication tower opens in Tokyo

The Tokyo Skytree, the world’s tallest communication tower and second-highest building at 2,080 feet, opened to the public on Tuesday in the eastern part of Japan’s capital. Article © AHN – All Rights Reserved Economy, Business And Finance Stories

Japan Tankan Large Manufacturer Sentiment Improved in September

Japan’s Tankan index of sentiment among large manufacturers rose to 2 in September from minus 9 in June, the Bank of Japan said in Tokyo today. View full post on Finance Stories

Car, Cigarette Sales Spur Surprise Economic Growth In Japan

Lawrence Mijares – AHN News Contributor Tokyo, Japan (AHN) – Japan has posted a surprising 0.9 percent in its gross domestic product for the third quarter of July to September, up from the previous 0.4 percent in the second quarter. The surge, reported Monday, was mainly attributable to consumer spending on “green” cars before the […]

Planned Singapore-Australian Stock Exchange Merger Worries Japan

Lawrence Mijares – AHN News Contributor Tokyo, Japan (AHN) – The chief executive of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Atsuhiro Saito, is warning that if a planned merger between the Singapore and Australian stock exchanges pushes through, it could result in a loss for the TSE. The Tokyo exchange has a 4.9 percent share in the […]

Delhi’s Khan Market Rated 21st Costliest Place To Shop

AHN News Staff New Delhi, India (AHN) – Delhi just got costlier on the global retail barometer as one of its most posh markets, the Khan Market, moved up three rungs to become the 21st most expensive shopping street in the world. The rental at Khan Market is calculated to be $284 per square foot […]

Stock Market Indices and the Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is a development of the old market place. Stocks are traded on it. All listed stocks with their values generate a stock market index number. Its a number that denotes the financial health of the company. Stock indices all over the world generate numbers and are a bench mark for investments.

Is Forex Day Trading For You?

Day trading in the forex market may sound fun and exciting, but is day trading really the way to make money? Forex day trading can be profitable, partly because the forex “day” is longer than the stock market day. Forex has been described as a twenty-four hour market.

Best Times to Trade Forex – Are You Profiting From the Best Time to Trade Forex When Day Trading?

My experience is that the best times to trade forex are during the UK and US overlapping times and the rest of the US session under normal trading conditions. Furthermore, high volatility times (ie economic data releases) should be avoided, unless you have a specific system that caters for these conditions (there are however, systems available for these conditions). Late trades on a Friday afternoon are also best avoided!