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How to Make Live Stock Trading Easy and Automatically

How to Make Live Stock Trading Easy and Automatically Article by Maggie Jams How to make live stock trading easy and automatically, impossible you say, well let’s look at the big picture, or should I say the computer screen. By using a Forex Robot it can double your money every single month. Here are a […]

Day Trading Futures and the Market

Day trading futures is the method of buying and selling the future contracts in the same day Future markets are available with many underlying instruments and also this trading has good liquidity and price movement. The same procedure is followed for multiple contracts, and separate entries and exits are followed for each contract.

Day Trade Futures Markets With Automatic Trading Software

During my many years of trading I have often wished I could get my PC to do my trading for me. Surely it should be possible to automate the process, saving countless hours sitting in front of a screen waiting for trading setups to occur. So, can it be done and, if so, how easy is it?

Can You Really Make Money Day Trading Futures?

Making money day trading futures is like making money trading in any financial market. It all starts with having a plan, and then executing the plan to the letter in order to make profits.

Day Trading Advice: Identifying and Exiting Losers

I close bad trades well before my hard stops are hit, but anyone can do that. But, you also have to recognize your losers early. Otherwise youll be killing your good trades along with the bad ones.

Understanding the Plug and Play Day Trading System

While there’s some merit to the 4 arrows all lighting green, which cites that the price tendency is all in a single track over several various time-frames, blindly following it’s a horrible day trading system. You can’t properly call yourself a trader if this is your demeanour. You are just a monkey pressing buttons.

What to Day Trade

A short article about the benefits of trading futures versus equities if your are planning on day trading. The pluses and minuses of futures trading. Some information about how to get started futures trading.

Futures Day Trading

Day trading has become quite popular these days. Opening deals and closing them shortly after, and collecting the profit made, although small, may add up to over the total amount of deals you would make that day. That is the whole point of day trading – short-term buy-and-sell transactions. Futures, on the other hand, are […]