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Successful Italy bond auction lifts mood

Short-term funding costs fall by half to 3.25%, down from a euro-era record of 6.5% last month, but late-day volatility sees selling pressure return View full post on UK Business Stories

Swan Says Europe Crisis Shouldn’t Damp Confidence in Australia

Treasurer Wayne Swan said market volatility caused by the sovereign debt crisis in Europe shouldn’t damp confidence in Australia’s economic prospects. View full post on Finance Stories

Nervy markets prepare for Greek austerity vote

FINANCIAL markets are braced for further volatility this week as the Greek parliament prepares to vote on a package of austerity measures required to secure bailout funds to prevent the country defaulting on its massive debt. View full post on Business Stories

Day Trade Like A Pro

Volatility Is The Key To Day Trading Successful day trading requires the ability to spot trends and patterns quickly, and act on them. It’s tough to know which stocks to watch, but once you have learned the skill, you will be ahead of the game. You should maintain a watch list!. These are a cross […]